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Our Mission

This is the home of the Software UNO product line. This includes the popular WM_MOTIF and WM_CURSES libraries, the most cost effective alternatives for porting your C or C++ MS Windows applications to UNIX. Our mission is to provide developers with the best tools to address the needs of the MS Windows and UNIX markets with common source code. Our strategy is simple: our success is tied to your success. We want you to be succesful in the UNIX market and will go out of our way in supporting your efforts in penetrating this market. Here you can not only get additional information on our products and services but also download fully functional demos of our products.

Our main email addresses for contact are listed below:

General Information info@uno.com
Sales sales@uno.com
Technical Support support@uno.com
Webmaster webmaster@uno.com
Company President jalvarez@uno.com
Magma 75300.2062@compuserve.com

You can also reach us at:

Software UNO Ltd.
1259 Fernandez Juncos Ave.
San Juan, PR 00907

Toll Free 800-840-8649
Tel 787-723-5000
Fax 787-722-6242

Software UNO Ltd.
15 Bodwell Terrace
Millburn, NJ 07041


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The Server

The server at www.uno.com is a Sun Sparcstation machine. The system runs under the Sun Solaris 2.6 operating system. The network connection is made via DigiWeb.

The Software

These pages are served up by an Apache 1.2 http server. The pages were put together by ESS with input from our staff, customers and vendors.

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