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Magma Tab DLL for Microsoft Windows


The Magma Tab Control for Windows (MagmaTab for short) is a Windows '95 compatible Tab and Property Sheet control for the 16-bit Windows 3.x environment. It is most useful for C/C++ programmers who are programming to the Windows API.

The primary advantage of the MagmaTab control over similar packages is that the API is compatible with the Windows '95 API for the Microsoft COMMCTRL package. COMMCTRL is Microsoft's Common Control DLL for Windows 95 and for Windows NT, and features such controls as a Property Sheet control, a rich edit control, an image list control, a slider control, and more.

Since the API of the MagmaTab control is the exact same API as the Microsoft COMMCTRL API, you can easily port your MagmaTab code over to Windows '95 and to Windows NT without any changes.


Since the MagmaTab API is the same as the Microsoft COMMCTRL API, you can use the available reference material on the COMMCTRL API as your guide. The following is a partial list of available reference material which you can use for the MagmaTab control :

1) Title  : Chicago's Interface Gadgets, Part III: Programming Properly
            with Property Sheets
   Author : Dave Edson
   Source : Microsoft Systems Journal, Oct 1994 (Volume 9, Number 10)

2) Title  : Win32 Common Controls, Part6 : Tab Controls and Property Sheets
   Author : Nancy Winnick Cluts
   Source : Microsoft Developer's Network CD
            Also available through Compuserve in the MSDN forum (GO MSDN).
            Download the file COMMC4.ZIP from the TechNotes section.

Ordering Information

MagmaTab DLL for Win 16, single developer's license            $ 99 US
  Includes source code

Payment Terms : Visa or Mastercard, personal or company check accepted. COD upon request. Payment must be made in US dollars and the check must be drawn on a US bank.

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