WM_MOTIF Lite allows porting Windows apps to UNIX for free !

Entry level version of popular software library allows developers to test UNIX market without making a large financial outlay

July 1,1995 [Millburn, NJ] - Software UNO made available today a new entry level version of its popular WM_MOTIF library for porting MS-Windows applications to the more popular UNIX systems. This new version, known as "WM_MOTIF Lite", is creating a lot of excitement among both Windows and UNIX software developers who can now achieve portability at a reasonable cost. WM_MOTIF Lite is available at no cost via anonymous FTP or via Compuserve from the MAGMA forum. It is available for Sun Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO, Unixware, Linux and DEC Alpha systems. X11R5, Motif 1.2 and a C or C++ compiler are required on the target platform (the Linux library requires X11R6 and Motif 2.0).

WM_MOTIF Lite supports the user interface functions of the MS Windows API on the more popular UNIX Motif platforms. Familiar MS-Windows techniques like subclassing, hooks, MDI, common dialogs and many others can now be used under Motif with no code changes. A full set of Windows compatible controls is included as well as a resource compiler that compiles your Windows resource scripts with minimal changes. Bitmaps, icons and cursor files are binary compatible between MS Windows and all supported platforms.

To the delight of C++ developers, WM_MOTIF Lite fully supports MFC and OWL applications. In fact, WM_MOTIF was the first product of its kind to support OWL under UNIX. The MFC/OWL support files include a program that automatically modifies the MFC or OWL library source code for the UNIX C++ compilers. A porting guide is included in WinHelp format that allows you to apply similar rules to your own applications. Note that there might be some restrictions on supported compilers for OWL applications.

"WM_MOTIF is already well known as the most cost effective solution for moving C and C++ applications from MS Windows to the more popular UNIX environments." said Jesus Alvarez, President of Software UNO, "With WM_MOTIF Lite we expect that many developers that have been sitting on the sidelines now jump in and profit from the UNIX market! Even small development shops can start with a small, inexpensive Linux system and have their software ready to run on both MS Windows and the largest multi-processor Sun, HP or IBM systems. WM_MOTIF is definitively creating a lot of excitement on the UNIX software development world !!"

If you need to redistribute applications developed using WM_MOTIF Lite, the full library offers a royalty free solution at a very reasonable cost. Unlike competitive products, WM_MOTIF is licensed on a per developer per platform basis with no per copy or per license fees. Software UNO is committed to supporting WM_MOTIF Lite on all popular UNIX systems. Source code is available at additional cost for meeting special functionality requirements or porting to additional platforms.

Write code once, port it to Windows NT, DOS (with Magma's MEWEL), OS/2 (with IBM's SMART), the Mac (with Microsoft's VC++ Add-on for the Mac) and to the leading UNIX platforms (with WM_MOTIF). With the large number of books, technical conferences, electronic forums and newsgroups, etc., the information you need to develop applications is literally at your fingertips!

WM_MOTIF Lite: Rules and Conditions

  1. WM_MOTIF Lite is for personal use only in porting or developing applications that use the MS Windows API under UNIX. Applications built with it can not be redistributed. None of the files on the distribution can be bundled or included with other applications nor posted to online services, BBS's or FTP sites.
  2. Only one WM_MOTIF Lite can be used per company location or development team (e.g. it is not a substitute for multiple developer licenses).
  3. Executables built with WM_MOTIF Lite will open a message box indicating its license status when displaying the initial window and have a limit on the number of window handles. They will also have an expiration date of no more than 6 months from the download date.
  4. Developers can post suggestions or problem reports and they will be considered on a time available basis. Priority will be given to requests from paying customers.
  5. Only on-line documentation will be available.
  6. The lite version will only be available via download from the FTP site or the Compuserve forum (e.g. we will not process and ship orders for it).
  7. Support files for MFC 2.51 and OWL 2.5 will be included. Support for MFC 3.x will be available as an add-on with an object library purchase.
  8. Software UNO makes no warranties, written or implied, of fitness for any particular purpose. If you have a special need, contact us. We offer Windows to UNIX porting services and can also provide you with custom software to meet special requirements.
  9. Do not download the files if you don't agree with these conditions.

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