WM_CURSES Lite extends cross platform development to UNIX terminals !

UNIX library now makes feasible to develop applications portable from Windows to charactaer terminals to X/Motif workstations

October 27, 1995 [Millburn, NJ] -- Software UNO made available today a new entry level version of its popular WM_CURSES library for achieving portability between UNIX text mode and MS-Windows or UNIX Motif systems. This entry level version, known as "WM_CURSES Lite", is creating a lot of excitement among both Windows and UNIX software developers who can now achieve portability at a reasonable cost. WM_CURSES Lite is available at no cost via anonymous FTP or via Compuserve from the MAGMA forum. It is available for HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO, Linux and FreeBSD. Versions for other UNIX platforms will be available from Software UNO. A C or C++ compiler are required on the target platform.

"Using WM_CURSES developers can develop a very contemporary user interface for character terminals." said Jesus Alvarez, President of Software UNO. "WM_CURSES supports color, mouse input and extended keycodes on terminals with those capabilities. Since the implementations is based on the MS Windows API, this code can be easily ported to MS Windows, to UNIX/Motif (using WM_MOTIF) or to DOS systems (using MEWEL). Keeping separate source code for UNIX terminals and UNIX Motif is no longer required."

The terminal market is important to developers of applications such as databases and communications programs who have a significant percentage of their user base running on text mode systems. Industry estimates place the character terminal market at over 2.5 million units per year and most terminal manufacturers (Wyse, DEC, HP) are releasing new terminal products. There are over 30 million terminals connected to UNIX systems.

"Familiar MS-Windows techniques like subclassing, hooks, MDI, common dialogs and many others can now be used under UNIX text mode with no code changes." explains Marc Adler, Director of Development "WM_CURSES includes a full set of Windows compatible controls as well as a resource compiler that compiles your Windows resource scripts with minimal changes. WM_CURSES Lite fully supports popular C++ frameworks including MFC, OWL and zApp."

If you need to redistribute applications developed using WM_CURSES Lite, a full library is available providing a royalty free solution at a very reasonable cost. Software UNO is committed to supporting WM_CURSES Lite on all popular UNIX systems. Source code is available at additional cost for meeting special functionality requirements or porting to additional platforms. Rules and restrictions apply. Please see the README.LITE file on the FTP directory.

Software UNO, with offices in New Jersey and Puerto Rico, is well known for enhancing the portability and integration between MS Windows and UNIX systems.

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