Software UNO offers QuickPort,the fastest route from Windows to UNIX & DOS!

QuickPort is a cost effective way to provide UNIX versions of your Windows applications

October 27, 1995 [Millburn, NJ] -- Software UNO announced today it is now offering porting services to companies that have developed MS Windows applications and want to expand to the UNIX or DOS markets. The new service, called QuickPort, provides ready to run UNIX or DOS executables from MS Windows source code, significantly reducing the costs and times associated with offering ports to those platforms.

"Our WM_MOTIF and WM_CURSES libraries have made porting MS Windows applications to UNIX relatively simple.", said Jesus Alvarez, President of Software UNO "Yet many companies have business opportunities that require that a port be done very quickly without draining in-house resources. Our QuickPort service provides these companies with a low risk alternative to penetrate the rapidly growing UNIX market. Our porting service to DOS allows you to maintain a presence in the DOS market with the same code you use under MS Windows."

The QuickPort service can even deliver your company a ready to install executable that you can ship to your customers . You get the advantages of a fixed porting cost and can concentrate on marketing and supporting the product.

"We are so confident on our product that we can offer porting services for a very reasonable price." explains Alvarez "On small to medium sized applications, we can deliver a fully ported application within two to four weeks."

A WM_MOTIF or WM_CURSES license is required to distribute ported applications under UNIX. A MEWEL license is required to distribute ported applications under DOS. These libraries carry no runtime or per license royalties. Porting costs can be as low as $ 1K per 12K lines of code. Copyrights to the UNIX or DOS changes are retained by the contracting company.

Software UNO, with offices in New Jersey and Puerto Rico, is well known for enhancing the portability and integration between MS Windows and UNIX systems.

For further information you can contact us at:

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