Magma Systems introduces TreeView and other Win95 compatible controls!

With the Magma Win95 controls you can achieve portability between your Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 applications

January 29, 1996 [Millburn, NJ] -- Magma Systems introduced today a new control in its family of Windows 95 compatible controls. Details on the Magma TreeView control are attached:

Magma TREEVIEW DLL for Microsoft Windows


Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT come with several new controls which are known as the "Common Controls". Examples of these new common controls are the TreeView control, ListView control, ImageList control, RichEdit control, and Property Sheet control. However, unless you ship the Win32s subsystem with your 16-bit application, there is no way that you can use these new common controls with a Windows 3.x 16-bit application.

We at Magma Systems encountered this problem when we had to write some applications which worked under Windows NT and Windows 3.1. Clients insisted that we use some of the new Common Controls in the 16-bit versions of the applications, but they did not want to ship Win32s with their products.

The solution was for us to rewrite several of the Common Controls for Windows 3.1. We have rewritten the TreeView, ImageList and Property Sheet controls for Windows 3.1. We are now offering these controls to other developers.

There is no documentation included with the TREEVIEW package. This is because there is an abundance of documentation of both the TREEVIEW control and the IMAGELIST control in a variety of places. We at Magma have written the 16-bit version of the TreeView control from the specifications given in various Microsoft-supplied documentation, and we have attempted to implement most of the messages, functions, and data structures which these controls support.

You can find documentation on the TreeView and ImageList controls in the following places:

1) Microsoft Developers Network CD - Search for "TreeView" and "ImageList"

2) Programming the Windows 95 User Interface by Nancy Cluts (published by Microsoft Press).

There is brief documentation on using the Magma TreeView control at the end of this document.

Source Code Availability

The source code for the TREEVIEW control is available at a reasonable price, so that you can modify and customize it for your own purposes. There are several reasons why you might want to purchase the source code :

- You can debug your app better if you have the source code.

- Many companies feel secure in having the source code for all of the components of their application.

- You can add new features to the controls, or add better support for internationalization.

Limitations of the Downloadable Version

The version of the TREEVIEW DLL which is available for downloading is fully functional. Whenever the TREEVIEW control is created, and at regular intervals during an application which uses the TREEVIEW, a message box will appear which reminds the developer that he is using an unregistered version of the control.

Ordering Information

Magma TreeView Control for Win 16, single developer's license   $249 US
Magma TreeView source code for Win16                            $450 US

(for the source code, you must have a developer's license for the corresponding platform)


The fastest and easiest way for us to transfer the files to you is through a Compuserve electronic mailbox. There is no shipping charge for this method of transfer. You must provide us with the Compuserve address of the user to send the files to.

Right now, we cannot transfer files through the Internet.

We can also mail the TreeView disk out by US Postal Service Air Mail or by Federal Express.

Payment Terms

Visa or Mastercard, personal or company check accepted. COD upon request. Payment must be made in US dollars and the check must be drawn on a US bank.

Other Products

The Magma Editor DLL/VBX is an edit control which provides a powerful al- ternative to the standard Microsoft Windows edit control. The Magma Editor (ME for short) is a line oriented text editing kernel which can be con- trolled by an application through a series of messages or through a high-level C-like macro language. You can think of the ME DLL as being a "BRIEF in a box".

Magma Systems is also the maker of the well-known MEWEL User Interface Library. MEWEL is a user interface library which implements the Microsoft Windows API (and MFC and OWL) on non-Windows platforms, including DOS text, DOS graphics, UNIX text, and Motif.

Support Services

Magma Systems maintains conferences on several on-line service for support and for demonstration programs. Magma has its own 24-hour bulletin board system which can be reached at (201) 912-0668 (9600-1200 baud, N-8-1). Magma has a vendor support conference on CompuServe which can be accessed by GO MAGMA. CompuServe mail can also be sent to ID 75300,2062. Magma has a vendor support conference on BIX, the BYTE Information Network. To access the conference, "join magma". BIXmail can also be sent to ID "magma". All of these online services have plently of demos for downloading.

Magma Systems

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CIS : 75300,2062
      GO MAGMA
BIX : magma
      Our conference is the 'magma' conference.
Internet : 75300.2062@compuserve.com

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