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Last Updated: June 1,1997

Product Price
WM_MOTIF, Binary License, 1 developer/1 CPU $ 1,995
WM_MOTIF, MFC4 Support, 1 developer/1 CPU $ 500
WM_MOTIF, Source License, 1 developer $ 15,000
WM_CURSES, Binary License, 1 developer/1 CPU $ 1,500
WM_CURSES, Source License, 1 developer $ 2,500


1. There are mo runtime royalties or license fees on any of the products.

2. Please specify the desired platform:

Solaris 2.4 or above SCO Open Server 5
SunOS 4.1.3 or above SVR4 for x86 (Unixware, Solaris x86)
HP-UX 9.05 or 10.01 Linux 2.0
AIX 3.2.5 or 4.1 FreeBSD 2.2

3. Please specify the desired media. All products are available on 3.5" and 5.25" Floppy disks. QIC-150 Cartridge is available for binary and source licenses.

4. Source code is available to owners of an object code license for all the supported platforms.

5. MFC 2.5 and OWL 2.5 support is included with the binary licenses. MFC 4 support is sold separately to object code customers.

6. There is a limited time offer of $ 500 for binary licenses for the Linux and FreeBSD platforms. If you are interested, please call or e-mail us for details.

All prices are subject to change.

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