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QuickPort - The fastest way to get a UNIX version of your MS Windows product !!!

Get your product to UNIX quickly and at a reasonable cost

Although porting MS Windows applications to UNIX is relatively simple using products like WM_MOTIF and WM_CURSES, we are frequently approached by companies that need a port done very quickly and do not have the in-house resources to do this. This motivated us to offer our QuickPort service.

We are so confident on our product that we can offer porting services for a very reasonable price. On small to medium sized applications, we can deliver a fully ported application within a couple of weeks. Other companies are not exactly economical on their consulting and porting services. If their product is so complete, why do they charge so much for doing a port themselves ?

This is an example of the cost of recent porting activities:

 25,000 lines of MFC code        $  4,000    2 weeks
120,000 lines of C and MFC code  $ 12,000    6 weeks

If you so desire, we can even deliver you a ready to install executable that you can ship to your customers . You get the advantages of a fixed porting cost and can concentrate on marketing and supporting the product. Note that in general you should to have at least one UNIX system in house to support your customers.

A WM_MOTIF license is required to distribute the ported applications.

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