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Reasons for selecting WM_MOTIF instead of other products

These are some of the arguments that we normally use when people ask us why should they use our library instead of the other Windows API implementations under UNIX.

1. WM_MOTIF is royalty and license free. If your product has broad distribution, royalty payments can quickly add up. Besides, royalties force you to report your installations to an external entity.

2. Our developer kits are significantly less costly. This also adds up if you have more than one UNIX developer.

3. We are so confident on our product that we can offer porting services for a very reasonable price. On small to medium sized applications, we can deliver a fully ported application within less than 2 weeks. Other companies are not exactly economical on their consulting and porting services. If their product is so complete, why do they charge so much for doing a port themselves ?

4. We support more platforms (8) and source code is available for almost the cost of a developer's kit for competitive products. This gives you full control over the implementation and the possibility of porting to other platforms. Ask our competitors for the cost of porting to an unsupported platform.

5. We support OWL 2.5, MFC 2.51 and MFC 3.1. Our plan is to support MFC 4.0 within 60 days from its general availability.

6. With the WM_CURSES library you can port to UNIX text mode. Text mode is very adequate for some markets like communications, databases, vertical software (medical billing, accounting, ...), etc. People doing business applications under UNIX generally need to support text mode. Some platforms (e.g. SCO and AIX) and geographical regions (e.g. Europe) tend to have a large amount of users with character based terminals. The libraries for UNIX text are sold separately.

7. WM_MOTIF is based on the MEWEL Windows API technology so you have instant portability to DOS Text and DOS graphics. The libraries for DOS Text and Graphics are sold separately by Magma Systems.

If one or more of these is of some importance, you should consider our product. Lite versions of the library are available on our demos page.

A major product was recently released using our library. On UNIX/Expo in New York, Halcyon released their VBIX, an implementation of Visual Basic for UNIX. VBIX uses WM_MOTIF as its windowing system

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