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MEWEL for DOS Text and Graphics

Magma ME Editor

Tab and Tree Controls (Win95 Compatible)

Support Services

Magma Systems maintains conferences on several on-line service for support and for demonstration programs. Magma has its own 24-hour bulletin board system which can be reached at (201) 912-0668 (9600-1200 baud, N-8-1). Magma has a vendor support conference on CompuServe which can be accessed by GO MAGMA. CompuServe mail can also be sent to ID 75300,2062. Magma has a vendor support conference on BIX, the BYTE Information Network. To access the conference, "join magma". BIXmail can also be sent to ID "magma". All of these online services have plently of demos for downloading.

Magma Systems

15 Bodwell Terrace
Millburn, New Jersey 07041
(201) 912-0192 (voice)
(201) 912-0668 (24 hour BBS, 9600-1200 baud, N-8-1)
(201) 912-0103 (fax for orders only)

CIS : 75300,2062
      GO MAGMA
BIX : magma
      Our conference is the 'magma' conference.
Internet :

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