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Appendix A: UNIX Reseller Programs

Most UNIX vendors have developer programs that allow access to low cost development hardware and software. In some cases porting and development system support is included. Since MS-Windows developers might not be familiar with these programs we have included here contact information of the reseller programs for the leading UNIX vendors. This information is provided for your convenience. Software UNO does not endorse any of these programs and the information is subject to change. Please check with the vendors for any updated information.

HP PA-RISC Developer Program

 Vendor:    Hewlett-Packard Company
            PA-RISC Developer Program
            300 Apollo Drive
            Chelmsford, MA 01824

 Contact    Tel (800) 249-3294  (Domestic US) (508) 256-6600
 Info:      Fax (508) 436-5152
            E-mail: pard@apollo.hp.com

 Annual Fees: $ 600

Major Benefits: 52 % discount on selected HP hardware and software for development; porting support and marketing assistance available.

IBM AIX Power Team

 Vendor:    IBM Power Team
            3200 Windy Hill
            Marietta, GA 30067

 Contact    Tel (800) 222-2363
 Info:      Fax (512) 838-4851
            E-mail: ibmspsc@austin.ibm.com

 Annual Fees: None

Major Benefits: Up to 50 % discount on selected IBM hardware and software for development; technical support calls and marketing assistance for members.

Novell Professional Developer’s Program

 Vendor:    Novell, Inc.
            ATTN: Paul Egbert, Developer Relations Group
            122 East 1700 South
            Provo, UTAH 84606

 Contact    Tel (800) 638-9273  (Domestic US) (801) 429-5281
 Info:      Fax (801) 429-7207
            E-mail: devprog@novell.com
            CompuServe: GO NOVDEV

 Annual Fees: None for enrolling.  $ 195 for Novell SDK CD-ROM. 
              $ 500 annual fee for operating system updates

Major Benefits: Free updates.

SCO Developer Alliance Program

 Vendor:    The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
            400 Encinal Street, P.O. Box 1900
            Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1900

 Contact    Tel (800) 726-8649  (Domestic US)  (408) 427-7230
 Info:      Fax (408) 425-3544
            E-mail: devrel@sco.com
            CompuServe: GO SCOFORUM

 Annual Fees: $ 495 (Partners Program)
              None (Associates)

Major Benefits: Up to 75 % discount on selected SCO software for development and 5 support calls for Partners.

SUN Catalyst Developer

 Vendor:    SUN Microsystems
            Catalyst Processing Center
            c/o 221 Main Street, Suite 480
            San Francisco, CA 94105

 Contact    Tel (415) 777-3911 Chris Hogan
 Info:          (415) 336-6640
            Fax (415) 777-0896
            E-mail: sunpro-info@sun.com
            CompuServe: GO SUNSOFT

Annual Fees: None

Major Benefits: 30 to 40 % on selected Sun hardware; special pricing on software for development through SunSoft; technical support calls available for a fee or bundled with SDK purchase.

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